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Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1958.


Dr. Fernández Pelayo took courses in 1979 in the Senior Corporate Management Program of IAE, Buenos Aires.


He specializes in the areas of corporate law, mining, and industrial projects, with special focus on the daily management of large corporations. He has participated in significant mergers and acquisitions, split-offs, and corporate reorganizations. Furthermore, he specializes in distribution networks and car purchase agreements, which have inspired most of his papers. He has also given conferences in the latter areas of law.


He was part of the editing team in charge of the Mining Promotion Act, and was the chief assistant of the Argentine Secretary of Mining. Dr. Fernández Pelayo was a member of the Management Board of the Argentine Chamber for Mining Executives, and held office as Vice President of the Argentine Mining Club.


He held office as Vice President for the Argentine Chamber of Special-Purpose Financing Companies and a member of the Executive, Legal and Savings Committees of the Argentine Association of Car Manufacturers (ADEFA). Additionally, he has held office as President, Director and Corporate Controller of major corporations, such as Manufactura de Tabacos Imparciales, Cervecería Bieckert, Cervecería Schneider, Cervecería Córdoba, Volkswagen Argentina, Volkswagen de Ahorro, Volkswagen Compañía Financiera, Volkswagen Inversiones, San Cristóbal, World Courier, Autolatina Argentina, Río Cincel, Compañía Minera Providencia, H.M. Argentina, Basf Argentina, Ferrostaal Argentina, Descartables Argentinos, Polyar, Celulosa Santa Mónica, Fortín Vértiz , etc. He has also held office as Vice President of the Administrative Council for the Highland Park Country Club.


He is presently holding office as Corporate Controller and Legal Representative of Volkswagen Argentina S.A., Volkswagen S.A. de Ahorro, and Volkswagen Credit S.A. He is also President of Sanigma S.A. Dr. Fernández Pelayo is a member of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires, the Bar Association of Buenos Aires, and of the Catholic Lawyers Association. He is a member of Sociedad Rural Argentina.

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