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A major part of the work performed by the professionals in the various areas of practice at ABBFP&W consists of advising foreign investors. Some of the partners in charge of the advisory services have held executive positions at top-rated international companies in Argentina and abroad, leading their strategy, business development and legal departments.


Our firm’s advisory services include assessing and selecting the best alternatives for penetrating the Argentine market, ranging from the appointment of agents or distributors, the grant of licenses or franchises, to the creation of joint ventures. By the same token, ABBFP&W professionals add value locally in the negotiation phase of transactions and in the subsequent post-deal supervision and control over the investments. 

ABBFP&W handles for both its foreign and local clients any registration, filing and authorization required by Argentine administrative authorities for our clients to conduct business and invest in Argentina, and advises them on all matters related to reporting requirements, acting as their legal representatives. ABBFP&W accompanies its clients all along the process to establish and organize a company in Argentina, taking care of all legal and tax requirements.


By resorting, when necessary, to its network of correspondent law firms in the region, ABBFP&W facilitates the analysis, design and implementation of its clients’ strategic plans in Latin America, and it is also perfectly suited to coordinate the roll-out regional activities inherent in sales or acquisitions of companies.

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